Phonon: Unifying Voice, SMS and E-Mail for Enterprice Efficiencies

CIO Vendor Off-shooting 4G LTE services and rapidly growing acceptance for multi-modal communication are creating new challenges and opportunities for enterprises while communicating with end consumers. Phonon Communications Pvt. Ltd. enables enterprises achieve superior customer experience by directly connecting their application software with APIs for automated communication through voice, SMS’ and e-mails.

Headquartered in Baroda, Gujarat,, as they are popularly known, are the pioneers of instant call connect services in India. Phonon’s inbound customer service and outbound contact applications have helped their clients make new revenue models, save costs, optimize on processes and achieve customer delight in their customer contact processes. Phonon has a marquee customer base consisting of top banks, insurance firms, airlines and travel companies from India.

Phonon’s Automated Customer Interaction systems automate inbound and outbound customer contact services for enterprises

With a focus on processes, is already PCI DSS 2.0 compliant and have their ISO 27001 certification in progress. The company accomplishes complete Unified Communication solutions, covering voice, SMS and e-mail, through a single system, allowing its customers maximum connectivity with end users.

Click-to-Call™- The Instant Call-Connect Solution
Phonon believes in ubiquity of the 'phone' and considers automated services to possess huge potential for businesses. The company develops platform independent, enterprise-ready customer connect solutions, like Click-to-Call™. Click-to-Call™ enables enterprises to instantly connect with their web and offline leads through voice calls. Click-to-Call further facilitates instant integration of Phonon’s call connect applications with their online infrastructure and manage it from an intuitive admin console for an end-to-end sales lifecycle management service.

Click-to-CallTM is designed with high level of customization flexibility and is well integrated with common sales CRM systems and enterprise communication systems. “One of our Click-to-CallTM deployments with a large bank sees more than 50,000 customers requesting for an instant call-back, with a connectivity success rate of more than 95 Percent and an unprecedented lead generation rate of more than 35 Percent.” says Ujwal Makhija, Founder and CEO of Phonon Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Engaging Customers with End-to-End UC Solution
Phonon’s Automated Customer Interaction systems automate inbound and outbound customer contact services for enterprises. Their inbound customer self-service IVR systems and automated outbound dialers use
voice, email and SMS as a unified communication channel providing enterprises with unified customer interaction strategies for their applications.These services furnish benefits ranging from faster and reliable customer service, reduction in call center load & staffing; improvement in call center agent’s efficiency; finally leading to increased customer & brand loyalty.

Adding to the list of its portfolio is Phonon’s Automatic Call Distribution System, CCNow™ that helps manage call-center operations. CCNow™ leverages the power of Open Source Technology. Asterisk-based, it offers a powerful, multi-lingual and multi-company call center solution which is pre-configured with multi-level IVR for the rapid-setup of domestic & international call center operations. CCNow™ has ready integration with ISDN PRIs and SIP end points, multi-level IVRs, 100 percent call recording and very detailed reports. “Proven across 10 to 300 seater call centers; CCNow™ is easy to customize user friendly solution with added 100 percent call recording capability.” adds Ujwal.

Moving ahead, Virtual Numbers (the inbound call numbers of Phonon) receive calls from customers and depending on criteria such as campaign, day of week / time of day, caller’s location or IVR menu selection forward the call to a number of customer’s choice. Easy-to-integrate with Google AdWords for Mobile; Virtual Numbers of Phonon provide intelligent flexibility with additional options such as missed-call, URL callback on incoming calls, voice mails and post-call SMS.

Click to Video™, designed to connect end-users with product experts in real-time, connects users via a friendly and seamless video-conference. The service works without any downloads and uses only web browsers on desktops and 3G phones. Phonon’s Click to Video™ is a platform agnostic, cloud based (hosted) service with real-time video, audio and chat support.

Unifying Contact Center Systems
Phonon’s Contact Management and Unified Contact Center Enterprise CTI suite sets a new standard for CTI by unifying the contact center systems with the desktop through minimal custom development or systems integration. The systems area accompanied with web-based or onsite infrastructure solutions that offer customers a choice in implementation ranging from out-of-the-box Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solutions to pre-integrated solutions with leading Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) vendors, to web-based tools that allow for fully customized CTI implementations with latest CRM systems.

A full suite of APIs gives enterprise application developers the ability to integrate SMS, voice, emails and webRTC based through a single medium. These ready to use APIs of Phonon give the option of direct application integration and trigger instant specific communications directly from software applications to customers. Phonon’s unique campaign tracking and monitoring systems allows its clients to track & monitor their ongoing & already executed campaigns effectively.

The Road Ahead
Handling around 750,000+ automated customer interactions on a daily basis, Phonon feels dignified to have accomplished 40+ successful implementations since its inception. It further expects a large percentage of Indian enterprises and Government businesses to come on-board with the company in upcoming years. Phonon is also already building a good base of SMB customers acquired through completely off-the-shelf offerings. The company presently sees traction from customers based out of South East Asia and Middle East; and expects to associate with more customers from international geographies (especially from Retail, BFSI and aviation industry) in next few years.