Ranktech Solutions: Video-Based Digital Business Software Products with a Human Touch

CIO Vendor Communication, as some may argue, is an art. It allows us to convey ideas, share, collaborate, strengthen and forge new relationships. The ability to communicate effectively is essential and this is no different in the business world. In order to communicate effectively on the enterprise level, it is important to not only use the right words, but also the right medium. Kolkata-based Ranktech Solutions understands the same and hence delivers off-the-Shelf Video-Based Digital Business Software Products for businesses to adapt to constantly changing customer needs. With global partners in the USA, Middle East, Africa, and others, the company caters to clients such as IndusInd Bank, GT bank ­ Nigeria, Vanguard Assurance ­ Ghana, Airtel, Future Generali, Apollo Munich, Reliance Mutual Fund, Matix Group, and more. Ranktech Solutions is the innovator of the World's First Mobile Video Banking Solution powered by Enghouse Vidyo.

The company has Digital Disruptive Platforms for BFSI, HealthCare, Education, Enterprise HR Talent Acquisition, Enterprise Training, Supply Chain Collaboration, Field Force Collaboration, CRM, Video Call Centers & BPOs, and Enterprise Human Resources. It also has its own Web-RTC based Digital Business platforms. Since its establishment, the company has worked to innovate & leverage emerging Technologies to help its customers enhance their Core Competencies to meet emerging challenges. "In this tornado of Digital disruption, we provide innovative and transformative solutions that mark the advent of state-of-the-art technology ­ `extending a Human Touch'," says Anil P Kastuar, Founder and MD at Ranktech Solutions.

Reimaging business transaction processes
RankTech is the world's first innovator of Video Banking Platform ­ KU-BER. The platform is an outcome of innovative and smart software technology and was created for the Indus Ind bank, as a Video branch for Face-to-Face Banking, Anytime and Any-where.
Gaining tremendous success, the company soon took further leaps and penetrated into several other industries with platforms like VINUS ­ Video Insurance, HERMES ­ Video Financial Services, HEKA ­ Video Health Care, TENJIN ­ Video Education, ATHENA ­ Video Enterprise Talent Acquisition, MUSES­Video Enterprise Training & Development & PEGASUS - v Collaboration.

The company also recently launched a platform named, My Doc-tor. Users can connect with 10,000+ Doctors across specialties from any-where in India with this application, available for download in Apple Store and Google Play. Through this plat-form, users can schedule a consultation with a preferred physician online without going to the Clinic from any-where. Bibhash Bhattacharya while appreciating this platform said, "My Doctor is an amazing platform to consult with your preferred physician sitting at the comfort of your home. Especially in this pandemic time, it's a real savior.”

We wish for every CIO and CEO to reimagine their businesses and leverage our technology in the future

Since its genesis...
RankTech since its genesis has been committed to creating value for its customers, through on-time delivery of defect-free products, projects, and professional services. The team at RankTech Internally implements well-defined and continually improving processes that adhere to international standards. Keeping its customers as the core of the business, the team responds to customers with the aim to deliver on its service promise, and promote a high level of customer satisfaction.

Believing that its advanced technology will be the next game-changer, RankTech, in the near future strives to Go Global, enhance Infrastructure, adapt and integrate Augmented Reality (AR) and pave the path in the future direction. The company wants to continually be the Innovative Solution Provider of choice for customers who desire to transform their business. "We wish for every CIO and CEO to reimagine their businesses and lever-age our technology in the future," concludes Anil.