Skil: Conversational AI Powered Chatbots Enhancing Customer Experience with Ease

CIO Vendor Across the globe, there is an ongoing trend toward business efficiency, whereby businesses strive to minimize operating expenses while maintaining or improving productivity. The technologies that enable efficiency - such as industry-specific AI, machine learning, and chatbots - are being developed at a rapid rate, and there is now an enormous amount of data readily available to learn from.

All of this is compounded by a powerful feedback loop, whereby the increased demand for Unified Communications (UC) - the process of integrating various forms of communication into a more efficient and unified customer interface - is fuelling the boom in innovation that further increases the demand.

Enterprise clients need a simple, easy-to-train/build omnichannel experience, easy enterprise integrations, conversational & contextual responses, customizability to individual business needs, affordable pricing to develop an omnichannel chat platform, plugins to connect with existing CRM channels, and more. “At Skil.AI, we address all these expectations by offering a flexible chatbot service via a SaaS model with affordable pricing and quick setup,” says Hari Suresh Dosapati, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Skil.

Skil.AI is optimally positioned to meet the record demand for UC with its broad experience in the conversational AI space. Its software is rapidly customizable to meet the requirements of any business, and it provides pre-trained conversational AI models based on every client's needs to function perfectly within their specific environment. The platform can also be integrated seamlessly with a client's existing IT systems to provide improved functionality, more efficient plugins, and actionable reporting. Additionally, Skil's AI-enabled chatbots are extremely reliable, understanding a wide range of semantic meaning and offering appropriate, relevant responses not possible through many other platforms.

Skil works with several large-scale and medium to small-scale clients, including Western Union and American Express. It offers a unique combination of value and high-level functionality that can bring efficiency benefits to any business looking to explore UC.

In the case of Western Union, Skil's customized chatbot platform had a rapid impact on customer service. Once rolled into Production, within two months, five percent of the
customer service requests were handled by Skil's Lisa Chatbot. By six months, 15 percent of customer service requests (CSRs) were being routed through the chatbot instead of traditional call-center-based support. This figure is forecasted to rise to around 35 percent within one-two years, approximately representing a full return on investment (ROI) in just 12 months.

The benefits of Skil's chatbot platform are also felt almost immediately, and clients can have a completely customized, fully integrated solution up and running within just three-four weeks deployed On-Perm or on Cloud.

Skil.AI chatbots can support telecom businesses in numerous ways, including faster resolution of support tickets, targeted upselling and cross-selling of services and products, more accessible support, reducing workloads of support teams, etc. Its specialized customer service chatbots help organizations improve their customer outcomes by providing an additional line of communication between customers and the businesses. This channel is always open, immediately responsive, and more accessible than traditional support channels such as call centres and email-based support. The chatbots can deal with vast numbers of queries at once, unlike customer support agents who are limited to one customer at a time.

Skil is striving to constantly improve its conversational AI to offer an experience that not only matches but exceeds that of a human support agent

With its customizability, wide range of powerful features, and rapid ROI, Skil's combination of value and functionality can help businesses become more efficient with minimal setup or disruption to operations. A few of the standout features are multi-language support, omnichannel functionality, and seamless integrations, which help to explain the impressive client roster the company has already built. However, Skil sees at its greatest asset as the flexibility of the platform, meaning it can add and adapt the features and sophistication of the platform to match the needs of almost any business in any industry, depending on their precise requirements and existing IT systems.

Skil is striving to constantly improve its conversational AI to offer an experience that not only matches but exceeds that of a human support agent. The company also defines a key goal as identifying and unifying siloed, disconnected digital and voice channels and touchpoints that are negatively impacting the customer experience. “We are gearing up to achieve these goals by constantly improving the platform based on usage data, customer feedback, and ongoing research and development work,” says Hari Suresh Dosapati, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Skil.