TeleForce: A One-Stop Marketing Automation Suite

CIO Vendor Digital Transformation has opened new gateways for business expansion. This has also led to the enhanced customer approach for the brands and businesses. The Customer, as well as Employee Relationship Management, has become a key aspect in the growth and development of enterprises. TeleForce, a Delhi-based one-stop solution for cloud communications, offers a Complete Communication Suite for businesses. Some of the company's products include TeleVoice, TeleMeet, TeleMail, TeleDigital, TeleChat, TeleSMS, and TeleCDP. TeleForce has built its technology on APIs (Application Programming Interface) first approach creating various services over APIs. The company also offers Voice, SMS, Video, Email, Chat, and Ad buying APIs for any platform for easy integration.

Engagement ­ Experience ­ Insight
With TeleForce, gets Ad inventory directly from publishers, Google, social media, etc. and understand exact ROI of ad spend, schedule posts on social media, get role-based organic reach tool for organization optimization, Work Flow Automation, Sales Funnel Automation Tool, generate leads digitally, Visitor Re targeting ­ retarget audience at multiple social media platforms. Businesses can have the fastest way to connect with their customers by providing calling within the platform or even sharing video meeting link for schedule or scheduling via SMS and Email.

In TeleMail, the company provides complete email hosting solutions and bulk email sending capabilities to connect and understanding email behavior. Now, client interaction can be optimized with the company's TeleMeet understanding complete sales life cycle, and integrate TeleSMS for OTP authentication, transactional or promotional SMSs. TeleForce's TeleChat offers secure organization Chat over facebook, Instagram and website which can be assigned to various departments an AI chatbot with auto-learning capability. The
company also offers a complete social media management tool ­ TeleDigital for all that creative management, post scheduling, and digital ad buying capibilities on facebook, instagram, google, linkedin, twitter with auto Re-targeting across channels.

TeleForce provides a user-friendly platform that makes it easier for businesses to streamline all the internal and external communication in boosting the overall rapport of the Business and understanding the business analytic's to provide complete sales life cycle to optimism our resources at the right place. Cloud communication enables businesses to be completely flexible and be available at any unforeseen events. This increased flexibility lets employees work remotely promoting a better work-life balance during tough times. The Cloud Communication system TeleForce enables employees to optimize all communication channels through one device(web or mobile) and create a better connection with the clients.

TeleForce provides businesses a reliable, high-quality communication experience. Being more secure than the traditional communication system, cloud communication is a unified communication having end-to-end security of a single platform with all the applications, data, and communication. Also, TeleForce boosts the productivity of the employees by streamlining overall communication and adding automation to the process which leads to routine tasks and reducing the time it takes to perform the tasks.

Offering a Complete Communication Suite for Businesses with its one-stop Solution for Cloud Communications, TeleForce is becoming the pioneer in the Enterprise Communication Solutions Industry

The company plans to provide App Developers a ready SDK (Software Development Kit) with APIs of its services to use its communication platform in developing applications to sell services to their customers. TeleForce offers completely customizable Enterprise Communication solutions including personalisation over web and emails to increase revenue to all its clientele ranging from Education, Ecommerce, Healthcare, Mass Media, Real Estate, Financial Service, and Food and Beverages Industries.