HyLyt: Unified Information Platform For Smarter Management Of Digital Assets

CIO Vendor Modern enterprises have demonstrated positive implications for quick and quality responses to customers through secured channels being a determinant of a company's market position. Today, information is vastly communicated through emails and messages on multiple platforms making organizing, saving, and managing data a daunting task. The Unified communication market in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 10 percent till 2023, which creates a scope for competent communication service providers to make the process easier for the clients and enhance their productivity. HyLyt is a patented solution for smarter management and collaboration of all digital assets in business through smarter management of Notes, Chat, Media, and File. The strong foundation for HyLyt is that it can do six different product functions in one platform i.e Chatting and collaboration, note taking, Calendar, Reminder/To-Do Management, Video Conference, and File Management.

Rajat Singhania, the Founder of HyLyt, says, “In 2019, Economic Times, in a survey found out that every organization loses around 25 percent of their productive time in saving, organizing, storing and managing information. We have successfully reduced it by 6 percent per person, saving around 120 working hours per individual in a year. HyLyt is a complete solution that saves client's time, increases productivity by information-enriched decision making, and gives the end-users anxiety-free environment for growing their businesses. HyLyt makes you powerful, productive, and profitable.”

Consumer Privacy through Multi-layered Security Access
HyLyt ensures privacy as the data on the HyLyt platform is not accessible and does not get stored in user media galleries and downloads. Data is available only in HyLyt, and access to the same is protected through multi-level pins and passwords to be used by authorized personnel only. Rajat adds, "We have security protocols which no other player in this space
can provide. HyLyt provides Multi-level security authentication." The company works in close consumer connect to ensure the products delivered are customized to their needs and meet their safety and productivity expectations.

Key Differentiators
Clients are looking forward to easier information management solutions that help them access the needed information in just a few clicks without rigorous searching. They also need platforms that help information exchange between multiple platforms that make their workflow easy. HyLyt comes with a simply structured robust repository system that aids in saving, managing, and organizing information easily.

Hylyt ensures privacy as the data on the hylyt platform is not accessible and does not get stored in user media galleries and downloads

It makes easy and instant pulling and pushing of any information from multiple platforms as deemed necessity by the end-users. HyLyt has a very powerful context and criteria-based search and the keyword-based search algorithms used in other platforms. HyLyt uses a 3 Dimensional or Matrix architecture to provide multi-view accessibility to various data files and content present in different folders, all interlinked together by a single thread called Metatag.

Future Roadmap
Rajat says, "We have implemented integration for the top-three cloud-based storage solutions that are Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive. We have rolled out the top two calendar management and email integration products from Google and Outlook. Additionally, we are giving businesses options of API integration with any existing product of the user. We are focused on enhancing the value of the existing system for our clients without forcing them to adapt to a new system. We are also working on Voice Activation. We have heavily invested in making our features AI-driven, which will add more value to consumers of our products and services. We are dedicated to upgrading to blockchain and provide extra security to our clients on the HyLyt platform".